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Propeller Paint Applications

We offer three types of coatings for propellers and running gear. Coatings can be applied to running gear to help slow down and prevent excessive build up of marine fouling communities such as barnacles. These coatings work in two basic ways; a “foul release” or “slick coat” is, as it sounds, a slick surface that is more difficult for the fouling creatures to adhere to in the first place, so they are more easily dislodged from the slick coating. The other mechanism by which coatings can work is “anti-fouling” properties, meaning that they have a chemical or toxic component that interferes with the growth and life cycles of the fouling organisms.

Prop Coat

Prop Coat by petit is the most cost effective coating that we offer. The active ingredient in prop coat is Zinc. This coating is a foul release and has some anti-fouling ability. We roll and tip it on the propellers in a controlled environment with optimal painting conditions. This is a fairly durable coating with results and longevity very comparable to Prop Speed.

Prop Speed

Prop Speed, well recognized as the coating that makes propellers and other running gear look beautiful, golden, and shiny. Prop speed is an effective, super-slick foul release coating. It is a zinc primer with a silicone clear over coating. Prop Speed holds up well to the erosive force of water moving over it at high speeds. It does not hold up well against abrasion by anything that can cut. The material cost for prop speed is quite high but it’s well worth it to many boaters.

Mussel Buster

Mussel Buster, is a baked on powder coat enamel that is incredibly durable. This foul release coating is tough and normally holds up for a couple of years which in the world of prop coatings is incredible.

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