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Inboard Propeller Reconditioning

Every inboard propeller recondition that leaves our shop comes with Hale MRI computer generated initial and final reports. We repair all props to the highest industry standards, ISO Class 1 or Class S tolerances. Operating in these these tight tolerance ranges ensures better results for customers. Propellers can lose their original shape with time and use and especially when even minor impacts happen. Reconditioning props back to their original specs and within tight tolerances will often be all it takes to remedy lost performance. Reconditioning helps optimize an engines’ horsepower, improve performance and speed, and increase fuel efficiency. When a prop’s geometry is altered or blades are damaged or unbalanced a whole series of problems can arise from not fixing these imperfections immediately. Vibrations and extra load on your engines from propellers can lead to damage of many other components of the boat, including the engines’ transmission, drivetrain, running gear and vessel as a whole.

Optimize Performance & Efficiency

We also have the ability to change the geometry of a propeller to meet different performance requirements. We can optimize propellers to increase or decrease RPM’s, speed, load, thrust, hole shot and more. The two variables we manipulate the most are the pitch and cupping which can be added or taken out of the blades to change performance. Our skilled and knowledgeable techs can run calculations to figure out what changes to make to your propellers to optimize them for your boat and how you use it for maximum efficiency.

Same Day Service on Outboard Props & HUBs

48 Hour Service on Most Props