Our Approach

The Florida Keys community is one we are proud to call home and to service. We try to go the extra mile for our customers and the coconut telegraph rewards those that do. Instead of being a PO #, you are a valued customer at Prop Tec. Many of our customers livelihoods depend on boats in motion. You will not find a shop that caters better to deadlines and details. We take pride in every repair we do and making it the best result possible. Our results are measurable. All of our inboard reconditions come with Class 1 and Class S Hale MRI Reports illustrating before and after specs of the repaired propellers. All props are static balanced and we offer Dyna-Balancing with reports. We don’t just fix propellers, we are a full service shop. Among other things we straighten and fabricate drive shafts both inboard and outboard, press hubs, weld lower units and marine hardware, custom machine and more.

We stock inventory. Boat yards, dealers, mechanics and commercial operators know that we carry a large assortment of marine propulsion parts you won’t find anywhere else in the Keys. We have an ever growing inventory of marine hardware and propellers; Marine nuts, bolts, keys, clamps, anodes, bearings and hubs of all sizes and styles. We also specialize in sourcing and replacing specialty marine hardware such as struts, rudders, couplers and more.

Our Story

Prop Tec has been in operation in the Keys for almost 20 years. Bottoms and Props, our other business, has worked with Prop Tec for many of those years. In doing business with Prop Tec as well as with many other competing propeller repair businesses we have seen the strengths and weaknesses of the operation. We acquired two businesses in 2017 Prop Tec and Marathon Prop and combined the inventory and real estate of both businesses. We are not content to be a Keys propeller shop, we aspire to be the Key’s propeller shop.

Meet the Prop Tec Team


We have an amazing team! The Prop Tec crew isn’t just punching a clock, we have a passion for what we do and it feels great to save the day and solve people’s problems. We have a very talented crew.

Brett Roach


Captain Brett the owner, is an avid diver, fisher and boating enthusiast. Brett came to the Keys to be on the water and teach diving. He has ran his marine business Bottoms and Props for over 10 years helping thousands of boaters in the Keys along the way. He took over Prop Tec in 2017.

Prop Tec team member Aaron

Aaron Collins

Chief of Operations

Aaron started to fix things before he started to crawl, he is a true problem solver. Talented welder.

Prop Tec team member Sarah

Sarah Brashares


Sarah, Brett’s sister and most trusted advisor is mostly behind the scenes keeping our books in order and attending to administrative issues.

Prop Tec team member Jenny

Jenny Cabarga

Office Manager

Jenny has the hardest job of all. Keeping all the boys in line and still being a pleasant voice on the phone. Jenny has been running marina offices for several years in the Keys and she loves the new challenge of running the prop shop office.

Prop Tec team member Dad

Chris Roach

Technician and Delivery

Chris or Dad, as we all affectionately call him, does most of our pick up and deliveries.